Sensei Erin Buchholtz
Sensei Erin Buchholz


Erin started martial arts training in 2014 while she was a parent sitting in the entrance of the dojo, watching her daughter’s karate class. The instructor encouraged her to join in. Since then she hasn’t looked back. Erin currently holds the rank of 1st degree black belt in Shotokan Karate (promoted by Kyoshi Mike Puckett). Erin also trains in Daiwa Ryu Aiki Jujitsu taught by Sensei Hastings at the dojo.

Outside of the dojo, Erin works for the Provincial Government. When she isn’t at work or the dojo, Erin enjoys spending time with her husband and daughter exploring the many trails and beaches that the Saanich Peninsula has to offer.

Hastings Martial Arts is dedicated to providing quality martial arts instruction from a high performing team of black belt instructors.

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