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Hastings Martial Arts COVID-19 Policy

Due to the recent COVID-19 situation in the province, we have updated our COVID-19 Dojo Protocols.

Please take a minute to read the information below and familiarize yourself with the requirements.

The following updates have been added:
- Personal masks are now required with entering and exiting the dojo.
- The viewing area will be closed once the class begins.
- Please maintain adequate social distance while waiting to enter the dojo and allow the members exiting the dojo to do so in a safe manner.
Do not crowd the entrance.

As a way to ensure that everyone maintains their training throughout this pandemic, we will now be streaming our classes live on Zoom.  If a student is required to stay home for any reason, please email the dojo before 3 pm that day and you will be sent a link to the online stream of the Class. Thank you for your cooperation.  We really appreciate everyone's efforts to help keep our community healthy and safe. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions. Sensei Cory


Hastings Martial Arts “HMA” is committed to creating a safe environment for all students,
sensei’s, and volunteers. During the time of COVID-19 we have a responsibility to uphold
cleaning and safety measures however, we are all in this together! This document reviews the
strategies policies in place to ensure that we are all doing our part to keep the dojo safe and

Steps HMA has taken

• HMA has determined a maximum class of 22 participants to ensure that social
distancing is in place between all students AND there is enough space to accommodate
a few Sensei’s for extra support and to monitor safety
• Occupancy limit is posted at the entrance.
• HMA has considered student traffic flow to ensure that student classes reduce
interactions before and after classes.
• Student workspaces have been clearly defined by coloured mats. Red mats are walking
areas and blue mats are student work areas. These spaces ensure 6 ft. spacing.
• All unnecessary equipment and chairs have removed from the dojo to reduce clutter
and high touch items.
• We have assessed our curriculum and modified activities to ensure students are working
independently and reduced most partner exercises that cannot guarantee social
• Class equipment that cannot be easily disinfected between uses has been removed from
• Our curriculum will strictly follow the current public health and viaSport guidelines.

HMA is considered a “combative sport” within the ViaSport “Return to Sport Policy-
Appendix H) Please refer to the ViaSport website for more detailed information.

HMA’s commitment to you
• HMA will be cleaned and disinfected at the beginning and end of each day.
• Cleaning procedures will be in accordance with the guidelines for approved cleaning
supplies specified by Health Canada
• A cleaning log will be kept at the front desk and will be signed each day.
• Special attention for cleaning will be paid to all common areas and surfaces, including
washrooms, equipment, light switches, and door handles.
• Each student area will be equipped with disinfecting spray and hand sanitizer.
• All teachers will be informed of the self-monitoring, cleaning, and safe
interaction procedures and are committed to following all steps towards a safe and fun
• HMA is committed to staying informed and up to date on BCCDC, Health Canada, and
viaSport guidance, protocols, and public health orders.

• All necessary instruction and communication regarding occupancy, covid policies and
guidance will be posted at the entrance and throughout the dojo

Before Class, Please Consider the following
*Please self-monitor: Have you had symptoms of COVID-19 in the last 10 days?
symptoms include:
o fever
o chills
o new or worsening cough
o shortness of breath
o sore throat
o new muscle aches
o headache.
o OR in any way feels unwell?
Have you or someone in your household been given direction to self-isolate?
Have you traveled outside of Canada, or are you a contact of a confirmed COVID-19 case?
If so, please take a break from classes, we look forward to seeing you once you are feeling
better or no longer required to isolate
Student Procedures in the dojo
Please use the bathroom before attending class. In an effort to minimize traffic to high use
spaces we encourage you to use the restroom before coming to class, however, it is available if
Windows will be open for ventilation. This precaution is to increase ventilation and airflow- so
please dress for the weather
Please ensure that your hands are clean when you enter the building-



Students are expected to bring masks to class-as they may be required during partner work.
If you begin to feel ill during class please notify your instructor, the student will remain in an
isolated room with a mask, parents will be notified to pick up the student immediately.
Please do your best to keep distance between yourself and others, stepping only on the red
mats until you’ve arrived at your workspace (blue)

Please do not arrive at the dojo doors until the doors are open and the previous students have
all exited the dojo. Please wait in your cars until your class is ready to enter the building.

Please quickly gather your belonging and exit the dojo at the end of your class
We kindly ask that family members do not wait in the school.

Questions? Email us

Hastings Martial Arts is dedicated to providing quality martial arts instruction from a high performing team of black belt instructors.

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