• Building Stronger

    Minds and Bodies

  • Building Stronger

    Minds and Bodies

  • Building Stronger

    Minds and Bodies

Owned and operated by Cory Hastings, Hastings Martial Arts is dedicated to the traditional practice and teaching of martial arts. With nearly 30 years of training and competing, Cory has the experience and dedication to help students from all walks of life succeed in martial arts training.

We are committed to the following principles:

Self-Discipline & Respect

This is our foundation stone for success which we believe is critical not only in sport, but in work, family and life generally. We endeavour to teach students to always:

  • Lead by example
  • Work hard and persevere
  • Treat others how you would like to be treated
  • Strive to be the best version of themselves
Community & Kindness

We live and raise our families in the North Saanich community and are dedicated to bringing a positive impact here. We also believe that kindness is a key behaviour for success in every walk of life. In martial arts training, the attitude and demonstration towards the importance of community and kindness in all circumstances and conditions is an essential requirement for progression through the grades. A constant focus on kindness is developed in kids classes and maintained through to and including all higher levels.

Mentorship & Leadership

This is an inherent part of classes from the very beginning. We provide consistent mentorship and leadership opportunities for kids, teens, and young adults to learn how to lead a class, ultimately helping them improve confidence and public speaking to develop the next leaders of our society. We mentor them and hold high but achievable expectations to push students to excellence in their abilities.


The underlying principle of Hastings Martial Arts training programs is self-defense. We teach martial arts, especially for kids, that the overall goal in a confrontation is to escape as safely as possible, through various preventative methods. Physical confrontation and violence is something all karate students plan to avoid and Hastings Martial Arts’ students’ knowledge and use of techniques is constantly expanded with a focus on those that are most effective for self-defense. The goal of this training is to give students a complete self-defense toolkit that can be utilized throughout life. The use of physical force is stressed to be a last resort and many students often find that knowledge and the confidence training brings is in itself sufficient to avoid and escape conflict situations without the need for physical confrontation.

Top-Tier Technical Training

Hastings Martial Arts is focused on excellence in everything we do, which includes teaching exceptionally high-end technical abilities. Our instructors are internationally known and respected senseis and they are dedicated to the teaching of skills of the highest quality. Students are pushed to excel and meet their potential while receiving the support and guidance to help ensure their success.

Who are our students?
  • Aged from 5 to 79 years old – age is no barrier
  • Kindergarten through to university students
  • Tradesmen, small business owners, public servants, professionals, such as engineers, lawyers and accountants, health professionals, such as doctors and nurses, and scientists
  • People who recognize the value of supporting each other
  • Diversity is our strength!

Hastings Martial Arts is dedicated to providing quality martial arts instruction from a high performing team of black belt instructors.

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